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Who is a Director/Owner/Operator?
This membership option includes program directors, child care center owners, family child care home operators, and others holding a Director Credential who wish to take part in leadership and advocacy initiatives for the advancement of the field of early care and education/school-age care in Florida.

Why join as a Director/Owner/Operator?
Membership also assists program directors in fulfilling the professional contribution requirement for the renewal of their Director Credential.

The Children's Forum is the Florida affiliate of the Association for Early Learning Leaders.

Program directors in Florida can join the Association for Early Learning Leaders at one of two levels:

The Association for Early Learning Leaders is the nation's leader among associations serving child care owners, directors, and administrators. The organization's goal is to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of the people who lead the child care industry by providing services and benefits specifically geared to their needs. You can subscribe to the Association by choosing the most appropriate Toolkit for your organization.

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